Mixed Use and the Future

Driven by high housing pricing, mixed use living is coming to Los Angeles. A new LA ordinance encourages mixed use on under-performing commercial streets. There are hundreds of urban pioneers living in residential mixed-use complexes in Southern California and the number is expected to multiply. After decades of discussion, mixed use is about to become a widespread reality. Nearly a dozen projects are in the works throughout the region that combine housing and commercial space, bringing urban ambiance and pedestrian activity to streets that formerly had few people on foot. The Los Angeles City Council approved an ordinance that allows developers to add extra square footage if they build apartments or mixed-use projects on under-performing commercial streets.

Mixed Use and History

Throughout history, the majority of cultural settlements developed as mixed-use environments. Walking was the primary way that people and goods were moved about, sometimes assisted by animals such as cattle. Most people were living in buildings that were used as work places in addition to living spaces. Most buildings were not divided into discrete functions on a room by room basis, and most neighborhoods contained a diversity of uses. People lived at very high densities because the amount of space required for daily living and movement between different activities was determined by walk-ability and the scale of the human body. This was particularly true in cities, with the ground floor of buildings often devoted to commercial or productive use, with living space upstairs.

Over 30 Years of Form and Function

Daryoush Safai, AIA Architect, has been successfully designing, planning, and creating amazing buildings for well over 30 years. The main objective is to take a project from conceptual design to project completion. This allows for a more comprehensive project design that is not only more cost-effective but allows a closer relationship with the client. We work both in a design consulting capacity as well as part of a “Design and Build” team to realize the client’s objectives. The firm specializes in a variety of Multi-Family dwelling design and execution. Most of these projects are mixed use with a retail component including other related facilities.

AIA The American Institute of Architects

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